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Creative Marketing Tools
for Coaches

Use Your Natural Gifts to
Attract Your Ideal Clients


Are you a professional coach (or other self-employed professional) who has to market your own practice? Are you great at what you do, but hate or fear marketing?

Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches helps you to explore your natural gifts and talents, and then use them to put the word out about your work. The philosophy is that, by using talents and skills that you enjoy using, you're more likely to market on a regular basis. Plus, your natural enthusiasm for what you're doing will come through and attract the perfect clients to you.BeachRead

You'll learn the basics of doing websites, e-zines, blogs, podcasts, articles, books, audios, videos, workshops and numerous other tools, from which you can choose the ones that most appeal to you. Extensive resource lists are provided to further investigate and learn to work with the tools you select.

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As a new life purpose coach, I wanted a little bit more clarity, confidence and direction with my marketing approach. Sharon's book, Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches, is a valuable investment that is bursting at the seams with helpful knowledge, creative marketing strategies and unique inspiration tailored to meet my needs. This book is already helping me to match my own gifts with the marketing strategies that will work the best for me. It's clarifying my own personal messages and integrity. I'm already having fun with her approaches and can't imagine taking these necessary steps without her book! If you're a new coach, I STRONGLY encourage you to consider this resource. It's an investment that all new and experienced coaches can clearly benefit from. Period! ~~ Kortney Kotow

I consider Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches a must-have for anyone wanting an easy, informative, innovative and fun-filled way to tackle the fundamentals or expand their current coaching practice.”  ~~ Bonita Sontag, Higher Purpose Coaching


Are you a professional coach, healer, consultant or other type of private practitioner?
Do you feel stuck with your marketing?

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Size: 6" x 9 ", 258 pages

Price: $19.95

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Price: $16.95

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Format: E-book (PDF)

Size: 258 pages

Price: $16.95

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Social Media Addendum

Format: E-book (PDF)

Size: 10 pages


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Using Coaching Skills
to Get Powerful Results


Life Coaching involves a specific skill set that is used not only in individual coaching, but has infiltrated the business world. Coaching has helped thousands of people around the world to see greater possibilities for themselves, clarify new goals, and follow through to achievement with the support of their coach or manager.

In this value-packed book, you'll learn the basics of coaching , including how to set up a coaching relationship and begin working with your client, along with a powerful set of coaching skills to support your clients or employees in achieving success in their life and career.


Format: E-book (PDF)

Size: 8-1/2" x 11 ", 25 pages

Price: $20

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Managing With A Heart

222 Ways To Make Your Employees
Feel Appreciated


According to a survey published by the US Chamber of Commerce, the thing that employees want most is not good wages or job security -- it's appreciation! Go into any business today, and the biggest complaint employees have is that they don't feel appreciated. So what can a boss do? This book offers over 200 ideas -- some conventional, some fanciful -- on how to let your employees know that they're valuable to you. No business owner, supervisor or manager should be without it!

Available in PDF format, this revised edition includes new materials that address the current work climate.

"At last! An easy-to-read, easy-to-use set of ideas for motivating employees and motivating yourself in the process. This is a book whose time has come and whose readers have been waiting. "Managing With A Heart" is well worth the wait!" -- Marlene Caroselli, Author, "The Language of Leadership"

"Sharon Good has assembled practical wisdom in the most charmingly instructive but not threatening manner. The reader (both boss and employee) cannot possibly fail to see the good he or she can accomplish by simply being aware of Ms. Good's teachings. While written for managers, there are many hints here, too, for employees who want to encourage their bosses to do the right thing. If ever there was potential for win-win situations in the workplace, this wonderful book points the way." -- Lucille V. Corrier, Partner, Townsend Consulting Group

"This book is a veritable smorgasbord of ideas for positive management, with something for everyone." -- Linne Bourget, MBA, PhD, Leadership and Organizational Consultant, Specialist in Positive Approaches to Managing Change

"Making employees feel appreciated is a sure road to bottom line success. The suggestions contained in this book can really foster meaningful contributions from employees." -- Martin Gelerman, Senior Vice President, Olsten Corporation

"If it's power you're after, STOP READING NOW.
If it's productivity, READ ON.
If you want control, put this down.
If teamwork is what you want, keep going.
This book is not about being BOSS.
It's about being colleague."
-- Arch Lustberg, Consultant to business leaders and elected officials

"A must have for small business owners, managers and supervisors . . . an excellent resource." -- The World Times


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Format: E-book

Size: 8" x 5 1/2 ", 145 pages


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