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Powerful Choices, Powerful Life

Learn how to use choice to create the life you want. Click here for more.



Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches:
Use Your Natural Gifts to Attract Your Ideal Clients

If you're a life coach or other private practitioner who hates to market, this is the book for you. Learn to connect with potential clients by using your natural gifts and talents. Click here for more.


The Tortoise Guide: Starting and Building a
Private Practice … at Your Own Pace

All the steps you need to start your own private practice. Click here for more.


The Tortoise Workbook:
Strategies for Getting Ahead at Your Own Pace

Are you a Tortoise — someone who's energy- or time-challenged? You have dreams and goals, but can't seem to keep up with your more energetic. This user-friendly workbook offers strategies and exercises for getting ahead at your own pace. Click here for more.


Using Coaching Skills to Get Powerful Results

Learn basic Life Coaching skills. Click here for more.


Tortoise Tips

Tips for Tortoises:
Getting Ahead at Your Own Pace

Learn 14 tips for managing yourself and your time. Click here for more.



Managing With A Heart:
222 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Learn 222 simple ways to make your employees feel appreciated. Includes stories and inspirational quotes. Click here for more.



Self-Publishing Basics:
Starting a Small Press and Publishing Your First Book

Learn what's involved in self-publishing your book. Includes setting up your own publishing company and working with an Internet publisher. Click here for more.



Alpha, Beta & Gamma:
A Small Story

Meet Alpha, Beta and Gamma, three citizens of the planet Sentari who upset the status quo by inventing the hug. Click here for more.


The Confidence Connection:
Staying Off the Slippery Slope from Confidence to Arrogance

Learn to manage the dyamics between Confidence, Arrogance, Humility and Self-deprecation. Click here for more.


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